There are so many great details that go into planning your wedding day. Choosing a photographer that you trust, feel comfortable with, and like their style of work is very important. Something else you should definitely consider as you approach a day in front of the camera is your hair and makeup.

As a photographer I can tell you from experience that makeup is an important detail on your wedding day. Not only should you feel your very best but what better way then to be pampered by a professional on your special day!? Makeup details definitely will show up in your images and you want to make sure you plan ahead to make sure you have the look you love. Lashes are a great addition to add more definition to your eyes. Work with your makeup artist to come up with a look that you feel conferrable with.

does an amazing job and I am speaking from experience! I had the opportunity to not only work with Ramona but also have my makeup done by her. She has an amazing talent! Ramona travels and also had a beautiful salon in Cleveland.

Ramona has also put together a few tips for you that I would like to share.

BRIDAL MAKEUP by Ramona Dauksa

“Wedding day is one of the most important days in every girl’s life. A special feeling, as well as a special appearance accompany this day. The most important parts of the wedding day for the bride are the dress and makeup – desire to look flawless and timeless.

Bridal makeup artist knows – her/his job is not only to hide flaws, accentuate best features, but also use quite a few mixed makeup techniques (day-time, special occasion, camera ready and evening).

At the end, the bride should look PERFECT in the eyes of guests and photographs (as it is known, photo lens weakens makeup to 70%) – both during the day and in the evening. Bridal makeup must last all day!

Below provided are basic makeup steps are recommended to follow and ask your artist to follow so you can achieve perfect long lasting bridal makeup.

1. Prep your skin for a big day! Great skin – best canvas to apply makeup. Very important regular skin care routine and regular facials. To maintain great skin drink lots of water! To keep your lip texture smooth and soft – exfoliate regularly.
Well-Groomed eyebrows are a beauty must! Get your eyebrows shaped or even dyed before the wedding day. If you pluck your eyebrows on your wedding day, your brows may be irritated, look swollen and red.

3. After moisturizing your skin, use appropriate primer – it helps your foundation go on more evenly and make makeup last longer.

4. Choose long-wear waterproof makeup. Makeup should last all day, through all crying, hugging, kissing, eating and dancing. Long lasting makeup, waterproof mascara and lip-stains. Don’t forget to blend your foundation down the neck!

5. Conceal – hide blemishes and dark circles. The best way is to apply concealer by pressing onto skin. Please do not rub!

6. Eyeshadow primer – helps eyeshadow last longer even through happy tears. This will prevent creasing throughout the day.

7. False eyelashes – that’s my favorite part! If chosen right – enhance your eyes and look great in pictures. Use a liquid eyeliner to hide eyelash strip.

8. Touch-up kit. It is great to have on hand some lip gloss/lipstick, blush, eyeliner, some powder, oil absorbing papers tissues and cotton on your big day. Add some some tissues and cotton swabs!

Now you are ready for the most photographed day in your life!
If you have any questions/concerns I would gladly answer your questions –

by Ramona Dauksa

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